Case study

Celebrating a household favourite: the Boots Meal Deal

The brief

Following a period of sustained lockdown in the UK, which saw most of us having fewer opportunities to opt for food-to-go, we were asked by Greencore to develop an influencer campaign for Boots to promote its Meal Deal. Our brief was to devise a campaign which would remind UK consumers of the fantastic options on offer as part of the Boots Meal Deal.

The delivery

We established collaborations with seven lifestyle influencers who were each selected to talk about different positive aspects of the Boots Meal Deal. They created content for their Instagram channels to communicate the broad range of choice available – whether shoppers are looking for a healthy lunch, vegan options or something as a treat – as well as the great value offered by the Meal Deal.

The results

Showcasing the Boots Meal Deal to an audience of over 180,000

The sponsored content achieved 60,000 impressions

Exposure from influencers tapped into a range of communities and interest areas such as parenting, healthy eating and veganism

The influencers’ posts gathered hundreds of comments expressing love for the Boots Meal Deal and the broad range of products available

  • 180k
  • 60k