As the agency’s 21st birthday approaches, our commercial director Christine Mortimer looks back on 21 years of MCG.

Looking back on 21 years of MCG is a bit like getting out the family photo albums.

You’ve changed of course. Some things for the better (if I never see a stiletto heel again it will be too soon) and some things for the worse (my knees don’t think doing the Great North Run was that great after all).

Our fair share of births, marriages and deaths – or hatches, matches and dispatches as they were known in my days as a journalist – colleagues experiencing joys and heartaches in their own families; celebrated and comforted in equal measure by their MCG family.

Right at the very start of the company, with just the three directors, Sarah, Kate and me, I will be forever grateful for being given a day a week which was sacrosanct me-time, so that I could spend precious time with my dad towards the end of his life.

And later, as our team blossomed, I’ll never forget that call from the Austrian ski-slopes that my partner, Geoff, had had a nasty fall and was in hospital with serious injuries – including, as it turned out, a broken back.

In what was a blur for me, a veritable whirlwind happened in the office. Flights were booked, a hotel within walking distance of the hospital was found, work was taken off my hands and clients contacted and reassured. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had prepared me a nice packed lunch for the journey.

Heading up our crisis and issues communication offer for clients, I know how invaluable that kind of support can be. We become extensions of their in-house teams, as they go through the particular issue, which can seem overwhelming at the time. Being reassured that we’re with them, that we’ve dealt with this sort of thing many times before (both in-house for major companies and as consultants) and that they are doing and saying the right things, is always gratifying.

We’re also part of their teams for the great times: the campaigns that make customers smile, the award wins, the product buzz on social media and that piece of coverage which absolutely nails what they want to tell the world. MCG’s office bell – a celebration for a great result – is a happy sound.

21 years have flown by and we have seen many changes, but what remains a constant is our commitment to supporting our teams: both our own and our clients’. The MCG family.


Balance, yes, but also a beautiful blend. Thank you team, I consider myself very lucky.