Case study

Targeting families for HECK! fun run

The brief

HECK! asked us to come up with a fun, attention-grabbing campaign to launch their newest product, the Breakfast Sausage, designed for family mealtimes. They asked us to help them in their mission of raising the profile of their Bedale-based head office, HECK! Q.

The delivery

We identified weekend mornings as a key eating opportunity for the Breakfast Sausage and homed in on Saturday morning 5k runners as an ideal target audience.

The idea of the HECK! Pork Run was born: a 5k route starting and finishing at HECK! Q, suitable for all ages and abilities, that’s free to take part in. The best part? A free sausage sandwich for all participants at the end of the run, allowing attendees to try the brand new Breakfast Sausage.

We directed a video shoot to generate a trailer of the HECK! Pork Run before the event to generate interest and attendance.

The results

A successful HECK! Pork Run with 380 responses to the Facebook event

Hundreds of Pork Runners, all served a delicious sausage sandwich after completing the course

  • 380
    responses to Facebook event
  • Hundreds
    of HECK! Breakfast Sausages enjoyed