Case study

Appealing to new Tenderstem® shoppers on social

The brief

We were briefed by Tenderstem® broccoli to develop and implement a new social advertising strategy to increase penetration amongst shoppers who had never bought into the brand.

The aim was to increase awareness of Tenderstem® and educate users about the versatile vegetable, with the ultimate goal of encouraging purchase in store.

The delivery

Using a video-first retargeting strategy, we focused on creating a large pool of potential new brand advocates who were not yet familiar with Tenderstem® and served them content designed to inspire and pique interest.

We then followed up by retargeting engaged users from this pool with an educational piece, showing simple ‘how to cook’ video content or delivering key messages about how to enjoy Tenderstem® broccoli.

An audience was then created of those who had viewed both videos – a refined group of users who had consumed inspirational and educational content. This audience was then served the final stage of content with the aim of driving through to purchase.

As part of our social strategy, we managed a video content creation shoot, focused on positioning Tenderstem broccoli as the perfect side dish for a roast. Our content brief was based on research insights indicating that roast dinners were a key opportunity to bring people into the brand. This saw us upweighting advertising throughout autumn and into the Christmas season which presented a huge commercial opportunity for Tenderstem®.

The results

Over the campaign year our paid advertising reached 4.9m users, delivered 13.7m impressions, gathered 2m video views and over 35,000 clicks to the Tenderstem® broccoli website from Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

During the campaign period of our awareness-raising social advertising, designed to drive sales, Tenderstem® hit an all-time sales record. This sales uplift spanned the festive period, which was a key focus of our activity.

  • 13.7m
  • 4.9m
    users reached