Case study

Telling the story of Seafood Task Force

The Seafood Task Force is a global initiative for the seafood industry, created and run by the seafood industry. Major retailers, producers, traders, processors and buyers collaborate to deliver continuous improvement on environmental issues and human rights across shrimp and tuna supply chains, working with Governments and leading Non-Government Organisations and charities to deliver real and measurable change.

A non-profit organization, STF is competing for attention in a dynamic and highly competitive market. They need to demonstrate the real actions, tangible results and clear impact they are making in order to further grow their membership and initiatives across the world.

Our approach
Following an extensive research and Task Force member-interview programme, culminating in attendance at STF’s annual Summit in Thailand, MCG prepared key messages, content, member commentary and news stories, based on a clear communications strategy:

  • Show not tell: action-based stories rather than simply targets and pledges, differentiating STF from their competitors
  • One organization, many influential voices – ensuring key insights and commentary from the collective of incredibly talented, connected and influential people in the Task Force, to specifically engage with their peers as well as the wider industry
  • Simply shareable – what we produce needs to be easily accessed and shared across STF member channels and wider networks

“I worked with MCG as crisis communications advisers at a time when environmental and human rights concerns in the shrimp supply industry were headline news, so working with them again on a more proactive news agenda is a great experience.
“Former journalists in MCG’s team bring a clarity, focus and readability to our key messages and many and varied initiatives. They challenge waffle, won’t accept news angles without demonstrable examples and ensure that our content is succinct, shareable and engaging.”

Martin Thurley, Executive Director, Seafood Task Force